Advantages of Professional Teeth Whitening You Can’t Get at Home

Teeth whitening is a booming industry, making as much as 3.2 billion in recent years, and it continues to grow in popularity. There are many ways to whiten teeth. You could use a whitening toothpaste, home kit, gel strips, or schedule an appointment with your dentist for a professional whitening. With all these options, how do you decide?

Going to your dentist to get your teeth whitened provides advantages you won't get at home. Dr. Agatha Nwizu at Sacred Dental & Associates knows the importance of quality teeth whitening and can provide specialized care. And while there are effective ways to whiten your teeth at home, here’s why you should consider seeing a professional. 

Understanding teeth whitening

A lot of things contribute to your teeth staining and changing color, for example: 

Teeth whitening is the process of using a tooth bleach in various solutions to break up the stains in order to reduce the concentration of color on your teeth, making them brighter.

Home teeth whitening solutions

Most methods of teeth whitening you can do at home are items you can buy in the store, such as:

You get better results by keeping your teeth immersed in the solution. But, there’s a limit to how long you can safely do that with most home kits without risking harm to the enamel and making teeth more sensitive.

The toothpaste formulated for whitening only lets your teeth go a few shades lighter because it doesn’t stay on long enough. Not to mention, most home kits have a lower concentration of the whitening bleach (usually between three to 20%), which is too low for you to see the best results. 

Advantages of a professional whitening 

With professional teeth whitening, you have options more customized for your needs. In a dentist's office, you can have a whitening tray custom made to fit your teeth. Your dentist can also use a higher concentration of bleach in the solution because they can control how much you get.

A newer option to get brighter teeth is laser whitening which requires fewer visits and can make the process go faster. With this, the bleach is painted on the teeth and a light is used to activate the process, which can only be done at a dentist’s office.

If you want a safe and effective method for teeth whitening, make an appointment with Dr. Nwizu at Sacred Dental & Associates today. She'll help decide what option is best for you and your smile.

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