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Decaying or missing teeth can compromise your oral health and make you appear older. If you have a missing tooth, dental implants are a permanent solution that look just like your natural teeth. Comfortable and long-lasting, dental implants replace missing teeth from the jawbone up. At Sacred Dental & Associates, PC, in Stockbridge, Georgia, Agatha Nwizu, DDS, repairs smiles and improves oral health with dental implants. To learn more about implants and whether they’re right for you, call the office for your first appointment.

Dental Implants Q & A

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are permanent artificial teeth that are fitted into your jawbone. They are a popular and safe option for patients with missing teeth or teeth that need to be extracted. Implants use titanium rods that look like small screws implanted in your jaw. Your bone heals around the rod and bonds it permanently in your mouth.

The implant is fitted with an artificial tooth, called a crown, that’s made to match your natural teeth. Implants closely resemble natural teeth, and they fill out your smile. With implants, you can eat your favorite foods and talk freely without the hassle of traditional dentures or embarrassment of missing teeth.

What can dental implants fix?

Missing or diseased teeth can compromise your oral health. Your jaw, teeth, and gums work together to help you speak and chew. When you lose teeth, this interaction is interrupted. Your healthy teeth can shift to fill in the space and your jawbone may deteriorate without a stimulus.

Implants encourage healthy bone growth to keep your jaw strong. Implants give your gums something to grow around, which helps keep them from receding. Dental implants look just like your natural teeth, so people usually can’t tell that you have an implant.

Implants can be used to replace one or more damaged teeth. Dental implants can stand alone, or they can be used to secure a bridge. Implant-retained dentures are dentures that are secured with implants. When your bridgework is attached to implants, your teeth are more secure in your mouth and help you chew and talk easily.

What is the dental implant process?

When you visit Sacred Dental & Associates, PC, for dental implants, Dr. Nwizu first performs a complete oral exam. She takes impressions of your mouth and talks with you about the best size, shape, and color for your implant. Every dental implant is custom-created for your mouth.

In many cases, Dr. Nwizu offers immediate implant loading. If you need a tooth extraction, Dr. Nwizu can pull the tooth and insert the implant in the same office visit. Using small surgical incisions, she implants the titanium rod in your jawbone.

Your jaw will heal for a few months, and you’ll return to the office for your crowns to be fitted on top of the implants. Once you have your dental implants, you care for them just as you do your natural teeth.

Dental implants are an effective, permanent solution for missing teeth. Call Sacred Dental & Associates, PC, to schedule an initial consultation today.